Saturday, February 4, 2012

Today we went to visit my housekeeper Mama Zawade and her family.  She lives across from the college in a typical home for Tanzania.  Very nice family, polite children and good food!  We did not expect the lunch but was served a nice meal.  Limited conversations in English but the oldest son and Mama spoke to us mostly asking about America and differences in Tanzania and there.  Great visit wish I could have spoken Swahili.  We are learning some phrases but it is really hard with all the preperations we need to do for classes which are starting soon.

  The other  pictures shown are of new friends and volunteers, misionaries here at Msalato Seminary.We are at our usual haunt the Dodoma Hotel for Friday night dinner out.  Nice place good food but hard to get to from Msalato.   All are from of course English speaking countries,  New Zealand, England, Canada and US(that's us).  We are expecting more instructors to come in this weekend.  Three more from the US and another couple from Korea.  Monday night we are planning a welcome dinner for everyone  before the semester starts.  David and I really enjoying the social aspect this time.  We are getting to know some  wonderful people.  Some will be leaving in May but others are coming all the time to volunteer for what ever time they can give.