Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Today was the first day of classes for the new semester here at Msalato Theological College.  We started with Chapel (every week day morning) at 7:30 am.  Classes begin at 8:00 am and continue until 1:30 pm with a tea break at 11:00 for students and faculty.  Not all of the students are here yet but we have been told more will arrive through out the week.  No one seems to register for school as they do in the US.  The dorms are very quite even though over half of the students are present.  David helped out with the English classes in the seminary area while I taught vocabulary and reading classes to other seminary students.  Tomorrow we both begin an additional class for Grammar content which will include fun games and activities based on grammar skills for about 17 students who are in need of review and support in that area.  (Don't know how much fun that will really be for them!)
I have 12 hours of student contact during the week and David has the same.  It has been very hot the past week with little or no rain.  Working in these conditions is hard on both of us so we are hoping that the rains will start again and cool down the whole area.  We are in late summer now and they really should be experiencing rain on a daily basis.  Crops here are drying up especially the corn and beans.  Having a small garden is how many people survive over the winter and spring months.  Everyone is praying for rain. 

Yesterday was like groundhog day for us!  We went to the Cathedral for 9:00 am English service and again at a 5:00 pm at Msalato for opening of the seminary's new term.  The readings, sermon, prayers, and songs were all the same!  We even participated in communion twice that day!! Can't say I wish to do that again!
The  pictures are of our students along with one road picture of cattle and livestock on the main road to Dodoma from Msalato.  Enjoy!