Sunday, May 6, 2012

Animals, Animals! Easter Break

Today is Wednesday the second of May, 2012.  So sorry to all my friends and followers for not posting sooner but David has not been well since before the two week holiday.  We have been busy working on classes, making plans to return to Denver in early May and generally trying to gracefully say good-by.
I am posting a few of our holiday pictures from the parks up north near Karatu and then a few pictures of the seminary's nursery school along with some activities and gatherings. 
This has been a very sad time for me but I hope to make the most of the departure from Tanzania and
continue helping people in the US understand the needs of South Eastern Africa.  A big thank you to all who have been following us on facebook and this blog!  God bless each of you for caring about others.
 Elephants on the move in Lake Manayara, Karatu, TZ

 Nursery School students ages 4 to 7 at Msalato Seminary April, 2012
 Nursery School Building in Need of Repairs!

 No supplies, developmental toys, educational materials or playground for students!What you see if pretty much what they have.
 My  vocabulary and reading classes for English Foundations.  May 4, 2012

All these students are planning to enter the ministry in three more years.  Most as pastors or working with the Central Diocese of the Anglican Church in Tanzania. Wonderful group of students I have enjoyed them very much!

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