Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello from Dodoma


Finally we have temporary internet service and are beginning to adjust to our new lives here in Dodoma, Tanzania.  The weather is hot but dry.  The streets of Dodoma are crowded with people, bikes, carts,
some cars, small van buses, motorbikes and did I mention people?  The past six days have gone by fast meeting faculty, neighbors and fellow Christians, getting to know the city, and just adjusting to a new way of life. I have decided to condense our activities from September 14th to just a few impressions and post  pictures that hopefully will tell the story.                                                   
September 14 and 15th  We arrived in Dar es Salaam late around 10:00 pm.  The airport was not crowded but was hot.  Customs was not a problem and we met our driver who took us to our accomodations about 10 to 13  miles away.  This drive was my first impression of night life in Africa.  Crowds of people
walking around, fires burning off the road filling the air with smoke, music blarring into our car windows (no air conditioning) and crazy drivers to our left and right of the road.
Once at our hotel tiredness took over and we fell asleep until about 3:00am when a very noisy rooster woke us up.  Once  back asleep we awoke to the praise of Allah for prayers around 5:30 am.
No rest for the traveler that day!!

Yesse ( Human Resources Director for St. John's University)
and I at the hotel. 


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