Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On the Road to Dodoma

September 17th

Finally we were traveling on the road toward Dodoma.  Once heading west out of Dar es Salaam there were fewer cars but still the same crazy drivers. We had the unusual competion for the road by  bicycles, people walking with large bundles on their heads, childrens in uniforms walking home from school, buses and trucks.
Once past Morogoro the traffic became less and the landscape changed from wet to very dry.  The mountains we had seen became small hills and sand replaced the dirt, plants and palms. Now just a brief word about the road to Dodoma.  The roads in Tanzania tend to be a bit unkept making speed driving very difficult. You can be going very well and suddenly a small village appears ahead which means a large speed bump straight ahead.  Now I don't mean the usual US or western bumps these are HUGE.  Which translates to your car slowing down to a total of 0 to 1 mile per hour.  Then near the village outskirts there is another bump equally as HUGE.  Needless to say all this speeding up and slowing down creates more time in your car...but thanks to our trusty driver we arrived safely late in the afternoon.

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