Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 16th, 2009...More of Dar es Salaam


Day two in Dar es Salaam was another day of in the car and out.
Yesse, our wonderful guide and driver for that day from St. John's
took us to several strip malls and downtown to see the city.

The area had palm trees, round abouts, some trees and plenty of people and traffic. Buildings in this city look to be in constant need of paint or repair.

The streets here are narrow with small shops and hand carts.
Traffic speed and safety is very bad with near misses with bikes, people or cars.

This day Yesse took us to a resturant at the ocean called Coco Beach. It was very rustic complete with broken cinderblocks laying around out front to plastic chairs and tables.
The food was fine but very expensive for the three of us. Later we returned to our hotel and rested up for the next day's trip to Dodoma.

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