Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home in Msalato

Today is Sunday, January 22nd, a day of rest and church going for all Christians in Dodoma and Msalato.   We have arrived at Msalato Seminary and are mostly settled into our new home.  The house was remolded for western people which means heated water, an American toilet, stove and fridge,new paint and cleaned through-out.  It looks great! Praise the Lord.
We now have a car, our Trusty Besty, the SUV.  She is 12 years old but works great.  David loves to drive her. The only real difficulty we have had has been the road into Dodoma from Msalato.  It is full of pot holes and when it rains they become lakes and ponds making it difficult to see where the road goes.
Over the past week we have met the instructors here at the seminary for English and some of our past friends we knew from St. John's University. We are slowly connecting but it is more difficult because of the distance and the road conditions.
We did manage to go into town at least once a day and sometimes twice a day this past week for supplies and items we needed for our home.  Today we rode with a neighbor in her car to church at the Anglican Cathedral for the English service.  There were about 20 or so misionaries there along with some brave Tanzanians who wish to hear the service in English.  It was nice to be back.  We met some people from St. John's and others from CAMS ( English Mission School).
This time our trip to Dodoma is different.  It is odd but we both feel a connection here. The Christian Angelo community is very close mainly due to how few of us there are in the area and I believe our common goals.
Tonight we will welcome back another couple who have been on long holiday.  There last name is also Reid but they are from Canada.  In our little community here on campus we have one couple from England, another one from New Zealand, two retired doctors from Georgia, and of course us from Denver, Colorado.  We are a very international group in this part of Tanzania.  But we all have one common thread:  the will to follow a call to teach and serve in this country.  It is very good to be here and to met the challanges of the Tanzanian people. 
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Pictures to follow soon.

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