Friday, January 27, 2012

Today is Friday the 27th of January and we have two more weeks before classes start here on campus.  Yesterday we visited St. John's University and saw a few people we taught with and even a few of our former students who were still working on their degrees.It was a nice visit and later we took our friend, Focas with us to eat at Rose's Cafe downtown.  Earlier that morning we met with the rest of the English Department and discussed our teaching loads.  David and I will be teaching a form of Reading Recovery to students who need the extra attention for reading skills.  Later as time permits we may help with basic computer research skills, grammar activities and even a Pastoral Care session and Bible Study.  We have been very happy with the staff we will be working side by side with and believe that this is a good match for all of us. I have some pictures I will attempt to share today.  Hope you like them.PS: I will post more check back in.
typical small shops


big big big

road repair in Dodoma

main street

cart for delivery

mattress-cushion shop

waiting to cross

heading north west to Msalato

small beverage shop

I believe older students at a school

small shops

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