Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home In Tanzania 2012

David and I have arrived in Msalato, TZ.  School is out for three for weeks here at the seminary but some faculty from England and New Zealand have already arrived.  We are settling in fine except for the heat.  It is summer here and the rainy season.  Every thing is green and wet and humid!  The faculty we have met are wonderful and of course we have already visited with Moses and Ruth our Georgia friends from Tanzania.  Moses is the Director of Msalato Theological College and Ruth is his wife.
The only obstacle so far has been the road from Dodoma to Msalato.  It is awful, full of pot holes and when it rains the holes become small and large ponds. David is enjoying his car (SUV) and loves to drive it to Dodoma.  It is perfect for these roads.
Our house was remodled for us before we came and it is a great improvement over the small one bedroom apartment we had at St. John's University in 2009-2010. It has three bedrooms, hot water, electric outlets that work, fresh paint and lizards in the back and front yards!  A front porch for viewing Dodoma and the lizards.
All in all we all happy to be in one place and settled into the house.  Praise be to God for that!
Here are some pictures from Dar es Salaam and Msalato. More will follow later.

Focas, a faculty member from St. John's University, Dodoma and David at Pizza place in Dar.

Cefa Hostel in Dar.

Chapel at Msalato.

Our house at Msalato.

The SUV we got in Dar.

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Donna said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely...left a post earlier but not sure you received it. Your house and car look great. Enjoy. Miss you! Donna